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Cashless at Kala

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We are operating a cashless system at Kala. It’s safer and easier than using your bank card or cash. It also means less queuing and more dancing 🕺

Please take a photo of the 14 digit number on the back of the RFID chip as this will be required to claim your refund. 

How does it work?


Your festival wristband will have an RFID chip that can be topped up and used like a prepaid bank card across all festival bars, the market area, the merch stand and selected restaurants. All prices will be in Euros.


You can top up your wristband either by a prepaid voucher bought online before the festival, or at one of our top up stations across the festival site. 


These stations accept card payments only. Stations will be busy during the first few days so we advise to top up online and skip the queues.


How can I top up online?


Easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy one of the vouchers via the link below

  2. Have your voucher ready during the accreditation process

  3. Your wristband will be credited with the amount on your voucher.

  4. Sorted!

Online top-ups close on the 7th June at midnight. You can top-up on site after that time.

Can I refund any unspent credit?


Absolutely. Feel free to top up in advance as much as you would like, as any leftover is refundable online after the festival. 


Please take a photo of the 14 digit number on the back of the RFID chip as this will be required to claim your refund. 


Refunds will open on June 20th at midday and you will have 2 weeks to claim yours.

Please make sure to claim yours by 23:59 on July 4th. After that point you will not be able to apply for any leftover funds on your wristband but not to worry, we will send you an email when the refund window opens to remind you.




Please note there are some small fees involved in using the cashless system:


  • Activation fee: 1€

  • Refund fee: 2€

These help us cover part of the costs of running the cashless system and the commissions charged by the credit card providers.


Top up locations and opening hours


Top up stations will be located across the festival site and will operate from 11am - 5am.  The top up locations and opening hours are :


  • Empire: Thursday - Monday from 22:00h - 5:00

  • Splendor: Thursday - Monday from 21:00h - 5:00

  • Yacht club: Friday - Monday from 11:30h - 19:00 

  • Cashless area: Wednesday - Tuesday from 11:00h - 4:00 

  • Merch stall: Wednesday - Tuesday from 12:00h - 20:00


What happens if I lose my wristband?


Your wristband should remain securely fastened to your wrist. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to remove it, until the event has ended. You should treat your wristband as you would cash or your bank card. 


From our experience, it’s very very rare for one of the wristbands to break. If you lose it, we won’t be able to recover any balance but if you have taken a photo of your 14 digit number on the back of the RFID chip you will be able to claim a refund after the festival.

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