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Plan your trip

We have put together a handy page with everything you need to know before booking a trip to paradise! 

How to get tickets

Over 70% of tickets are sold out.


If you signed up before 2nd Feb, you have access to the presale Tier 3 tickets until Friday 10th Feb at 10:00. The remaining tickets will be released to the general public after then.


• 11th October: Returning customer presale SOLD OUT
• 13th October: Tier 1 SOLD OUT
• 29th November: Tier 2 SOLD OUT
• 2nd February : Tier 3 presale - live until 10th Feb 10:00

• 10th February : Tier 3 general sale

If you haven't yet, please sign up to receive the ticket link on 10th Feb.

Deposit info

You can secure your spot with just a £75 deposit. If you book in November:

  • The initial 50% of your balance will be due on January 27th

  • The remaining 50% of your balance will be due on March 31st

A real-life example, if you book a 4* hotel for the full week, totalling £345 you will pay:

  • November 29th: £75 deposit

  • January 27th: £135 for the initial 50%

  • March 31st: £135 for the remaining 50%

Not bad for a summer holiday you won’t forget!


Full dates and amounts will be communicated to you with reminders once you have made your booking.




All tickets include accommodation and a festival wristband. This is to avoid overinflated rates during the festival week, ensure sustainable prices for Kala for this year and beyond, and provide a smoother festival experience for our guests.

Having a comfy bed to rest after dancing to sunrise is one of the aspects that make the Kala experience different from other festivals. There are options for everyone, from cozy 3* hotels to exotic beach huts and swish 5* hotels, all at excellent prices.


Package examples

Web_Mailer Graphic Tier 3.png

How to get to Kala


Kala takes place in Dhërmi, a village on the most beautiful spot on the Ionian coast and a true hidden gem. 

New for 2023, we’ll be offering two routes to get to Dhërmi:


The first is via boat from Corfu to Albania, then a final leg by bus. You can choose either a speedy option or standard option.

Corfu to Dhermi

airplane (1).png
frontal-taxi-cab (2).png

10 min


1hr 15


2.5 hr


bus (1).png

50 min


The second route is via minibus across the mountains from Albania’s capital, Tirana. Flight times to Tirana are also under 3 hours from most major European cities.

Tirana to Dhermi

airplane (1).png
bus (1).png


Passports, visas and travel insurance

Passports and visas

You will need your passport on arrival in Albania and Corfu.

If you are from a country listed here, or have a Schengen visa, you will be entitled to visa-free access to Albania. Otherwise, please visit the government website here, for further information and the Visa application form.

Travel insurance

It is essential that you have travel insurance for holidays abroad. Most travel insurances include Albania, but we recommend you check the policy wording before purchasing.


Our preferred supplier is First Travel Insurance. Request a free quote from them here.

About Dhërmi

The jewel of the Ionian coast, Dhërmi is a small village in a breathtaking location. A dramatic mountain range slopes to blissful beaches and the tranquil waters of the Ionian sea. A treasured destination for Albanians, it is virtually unknown to international travelers, this quaint little town will be your home for the week, and the beaches will be all yours.


Kala is flanked by Dhërmi and Drymades beaches. The vast majority of our accommodation is located within this area. Both have supermarkets and a good range of beachside restaurants and bars. Dhërmi beach is a short walk from the festival area, and Drymades is just a 5-minute shuttle bus from the festival site.



The local currency is LEK. However, Euros are accepted in many places around Albania. If you bring Euros you will be able to exchange them at the local currency exchange office.

We recommend bringing some cash and a Revolut or Monzo card with you to save on card fees.

Restaurants in Dhërmi

Sanur Beach House - moments from our main stage, enjoy a range of freshly caught seafood and Albanian classics in a stunning location

Flow by Splendor - right by the Splendor stage, relax by the ocean with a range of local cuisine and fresh seafood

Grand Boutique - situated right at the entrance to the festival site, serving fresh seafood and European favourites

Queen Vasilika - tucked between the Cove and Yacht Club stages, serving Mediterranean fare day and night, and continental breakfasts in the morning

Chilis - Enjoy the rustic charm of this family-run restaurant set just off the main promenade. Serving a mixture of Italian and Albanian cuisine

Lucianos - with panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, enjoy a range of seafood, pasta and more at this local favourite

Piratet - traditional Albanian dishes, freshly caught seafood and a simply stunning view

Hotel Platinium - tucked by Yacht Club, enjoy Albanian classics and impressively-presented desserts

Vegetarian & Vegan

Most restaurants will offer vegan or vegetarian options. Greek salads, risottos, vegetarian pizzas and vegetable soups are staples of Albanian menus.

Gluten free

Every restaurant in Dhermi offers a mouthwatering range of freshly caught seafood, along with a range of grilled meats, risottos, and salads.

Local prices

We’ve put together a few prices to give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on your trip.


Main course in a restaurant 6-15€

Beer in a bar or restaurant 3-6€

Wine (bottle) in a bar or restaurant 12-26€

Spirit and mixer 4-6€

Explore further

A truly magical location, there is so much to see and do on the Albanian Riviera and beyond. We encourage you to use your time at Kala to explore this beautiful coast.


Day excursions

Kala is surrounded by beautiful beaches that can only be accessed by boat. We organise day trips to some of these paradisiacal getaways, and you’ll often have these beaches all to yourself.


We designed the festival programme to allow you to party, relax, or explore the incredible surroundings during the day. To make the most of your holiday, here are some of the activities available:

• Kayaking

• Snorkeling

• Paddleboards

• Pedalos

• Yoga

• Beach massage

Other local activities will be added to this list, a little closer to the time.


From blissful beach massages to yoga and meditation, we offer a range of activities to heal those limbs aching from a little too much dancing. These activities can be booked via the Kala website before the festival or on-site on a first-come-first-served basis. We will release the full schedule in the coming weeks. 


We welcome people from far and wide with open arms, regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

However, there are a few essential house rules: 


Be inclusive

People at Kala are free to dress how they want, be who they want to be and love who they want to love. Respect each other, embrace openness, and party together. 

Be open

At Kala, you will be able to enjoy a wide and eclectic selection of artists. From the biggest international acts to obscure selectors and unsung local heroes, this is a great opportunity for you to discover new music, genres and artists. 

We put a lot of care into the programming and music curation. Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone - your new favourite act may be waiting there.


Be present

Kala is an escape from the everyday, make the best out of it. If you are on the dance floor, put your phone away, d. Dance, interact with the people around you, let loose and enjoy the moment. 


Respect the locals

Albanians are incredibly welcoming but remember that we are their guests. Be kind to our hosts, keep the noise down outside the music venues and respect your accommodation.


Respect the environment

Be mindful of your surroundings and look after this beautiful place.  Dispose of your cigarette butts responsibly, use the bins provided and help us keep this beautiful place in pristine condition. Having fun can be sustainable.



We will send you a Pre-Trip information document 2 weeks before departure, which will include detailed information about your trip and other useful bits, such as:

• Accommodation and check-in information

• Boat transfer details

• Useful numbers

• Local law and customs

• Basic words in Albanian 

• Emergency Contact

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